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International Student Services

bwin体育, our commitment is to enrich all of our students with worldwide opportunities, such as our study abroad or exchange programs. bwin体育积极为来自其他国家的学生提供机会,欢迎他们进入我们的学院社区.

International Student Resources

• International student orientation
• Immigration document support
• Transportation: airport shuttles & 当地的航天飞机
• Driver’s license support
• Writing Center support
• One-on-one academic advising
•健康 & 咨询服务
• Stipends for student research
• Residence Life office
• Recreation center, gym, fitness classes


Centre boasts a strong alumni network that spans the globe, and as our international student body on campus grows, so does our international alumni! For all Centre graduates, you can request access to the Colonel Connection, 我们的校友目录,可以根据地区等因素让你与其他上校联系, 类一年, 或目录. 未来的学生可以留意bwin体育校友在他们所在地区举办的活动. There is also the Worldwide Centre Social, 每年在世界各地举办的活动,将bwin体育校友聚集在一起庆祝他们的母校.

More information on alumni services

国际学生有资格在学校上课期间每周最多工作20小时,在假期每周工作40小时,无需特别批准,也无需申请OPT(可选实习培训)。. Jobs on campus are sometimes difficult to find, 然而, and no student should assume they will be able to work on campus. 没有申请OPT(工作)或CPT(实习),国际学生不得接受校外实习或工作。.

Students who work WILL need to apply for a social security number. This can be done at the local Social Security Office; trips to this office will be provided for international students during the first few weeks of the fall term.

是的! All students are encouraged to get involved in any clubs or organizations on campus. 参加课外活动是国际学生在课堂外与同龄人交流的好方法. In addition to Greek organizations, bwin体育提供各种各样的俱乐部,分为几个类别:学术和专业, 文化, 政府, 荣誉的社会, 表演艺术, 政治, service and social awareness, 精神和宗教, 体育及康乐活动, and student media and publications. 在课程的第一周,博览会是获得任何你感兴趣的俱乐部或组织信息的好时机.

该项目旨在帮助国际学生融入bwin体育的各个方面, including classroom learning, extracurricular activities, 校园组织, and more; to create an atmosphere of support—academically, 在文化上, and personally—for new international students; and to provide new international students with a fellow student’s perspective on both academic and personal life at Centre.

During the first semester on campus, 每个国际学生每周至少与他们的学生导师见面一次,无论是吃饭, 一个康沃变频器, 当地郊游, 或者其他活动. 圣诞节后, students will most likely meet with their mentors less often, 尽管我们欢迎并鼓励所有人尽可能多地与他们的导师在一起. 学生导师是真正想要了解bwin体育的国际学生并以任何可能的方式帮助他们的同学.

This program is designed to introduce international students to American family life. Although Centre students won’t live with their host families, they will have the opportunity to spend time with them, whether it is during meals, 当地的活动, 或者其他活动.

Host families are chosen from both the Centre College community, such as college faculty, as well as from the greater Danville community. 根据国际学生和潜在寄宿家庭的调查问卷,在夏季进行配对,以考虑双方的偏好. 有关寄宿家庭计划的更多信息将在夏季和新国际学生入学指导期间提供给被录取的国际学生.

我们认识到在远离家乡的大学学习的困难,我们致力于提供各种服务和支持结构. 我们的帕森斯学生健康服务提供专业的资源,在一个步入式诊所的风格. 国际学生也被强烈鼓励与国际学生顾问交谈, 斯蒂芬·斯旺, located in Old Carnegie as well as other faculty on campus. 寄宿家庭计划和学生导师计划也可以作为额外的支持形式.

bwin体育是一所排名前50的文理学院,教授们致力于鼓励和挑战学生的学业. With over 40 majors and minors, students are encouraged to double major or minor, as well as participate in internships, collaborative research projects, 以及出国留学旅行. 国际学生可以期待更小的教室,以促进课堂讨论和参与. For one-on-one advice, professors hold regular office hours throughout the week. For guidance relating to academic issues, such as class selection, each student will have an academic advisor. If there are ever concerns about English proficiency, our Language Specialist, 肖恩费海提, holds office hours for one-on-one assistance and hosts weekly conversation groups.

Centre operates on a 4-1-4 semester plan. There are two full semesters in the Fall and Spring terms. In between these full terms, we have a January-term, or “CentreTerm”. During this shorter semester of roughly 3 weeks, 学生既可以上专业和辅修课程,也可以上常规学期不提供的令人兴奋和不寻常的课程. This shorter term is spent attending this one course for three hours a day, 每一天, in order that students can receive a full 3-hour credit. CentreTerm也是一个出国留学的好时机,因为在整个学期中有很多不定期提供的旅行.

Centre offers various meal plans, 所有这些都包括每周在考恩餐厅刷卡,以及可以在日常咖啡馆或名人堂咖啡馆使用的弹性美元. Cowan 餐厅 Hall offers a variety of foods and stations in an all-you-can-eat style. 每月, 国际学生协会(ISA)会举办一个以“每月之国”为主题的晚会,在晚会上,餐厅会提供一些以该国为灵感的菜肴. 除了餐厅,还有日常咖啡馆和名人堂咖啡馆. As mentioned above, Danville and surrounding cities offer a variety of restaurants. 国际学生还可以享受每个宿舍的公共厨房,在那里他们可以为自己或与他人分享自己喜欢的食物. 

Danville is a charming town that offers the benefits of both city and small-town life. Danville is unusual in that it offers much of what you’d expect to find in a big city: Fortune 500 companies; a major medical complex; a variety of dining options from fast food to bistros to full-service restaurants with bars. 丹维尔的诺顿艺术bwin体育提供世界一流的娱乐活动. 同时, 许多国际学生发现小镇的氛围非常适合学习和专注于学术.

In addition to all that Danville has to offer, Centre is less than an hour away from Lexington, the second-largest city in 肯塔基州 and the “Horse Capital of the World.“当学生们想要走出丹维尔和Centre的校园时,这座城市为他们提供了无尽的选择. 肯塔基州, 在一般情况下, offers natural beauty that can be enjoyed throughout the four seasons, world-famous horse racing events, the world’s longest-known cave system inside Mammoth Cave National Park, and a rich history of unique culture and music.

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